AEO Newsletters

There are now over 70 organisations that have been awarded the status of Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) - suppliers whose management systems and quality processes have been assessed by the ASA and deemed mature enough to deliver services to Transport for NSW. The ASA publishes the AEO Newsletter as a channel for the AEO Community to communicate. The Newsletter outlines issues that affect the execution of the AEO Model as well as serves to recognise the AEO Community as one that values continuous improvement and excellence.

Date Topic Materials
AEO Newsletter #6 - August 2017

In this issue, we wrap-up the AEO Model version 3 launch, as well as the recent seminar on integrating Railway Industry Worker (RIW) protocols into competency management. We also examine the Transport Network Architecture Model and advise some key findings from the AEO Survey.

AEO Newsletter #6 (pdf 2.0MB)
AEO Newsletter #5 - April 2017

In the first issue of the AEO newsletter for this year, we outline some of the changes coming with AEO Model v3.0, look at how those changes affect the relatively new area of Competency and examine some of the preliminary findings of the ASA survey.

AEO Newsletter #5 (pdf 2.7MB)
AEO Newsletter #4 - December 2016

In this edition, we detail the outcomes of the recent AEO Community of Practice session, which were guided by the theme 'How can TfNSW give suppliers an appropriate level of autonomy but still ensure the delivery of the required safety and quality outcomes?'. This edition will also look at the new type approval process, and detail some opportunities that the ASA will explore in the new year to improve the AEO Model and engagement with the AEO Community. 

AEO Newsletter #4 (pdf 2.0MB)

AEO Newsletter #3 - August 2016

In this issue, we examine the AEO Model in action with a case study on the Arncliffe Pedestrian Link, and discuss the new Competency standard. 

AEO Newsletter #3 (pdf 2.9MB)

AEO Newsletter #2 - March 2016

In this issue of the AEO newsletter, we look at competency, examine the surveillance audit process and wrap-up the first AEO Community of Practice. 

AEO Newsletter #2 (pdf 438KB)

AEO Newsletter #1 - December 2015

Welcome to the ASA's inaugural issue of the AEO Newsletter. This publication will be essential in ASA's communication with its key delivery partners, the Authorised Engineering Organisations (AEOs), in building an "AEO Community of Practice", and will also facilitate collaboration between TfNSW and industry to realise the full benefits of the AEO program.

AEO Newsletter #1 (pdf 415KB)