Auditing of Authorised Engineering Organisations

Will AEOs be audited?

From time to time, the ASA will audit an AEO. The aim of the audit is to verify that the AEO continues to meet the requirements of its scope of authorisation.

Factors determining the level of oversight and frequency of auditing by the ASA include the organisation’s capability and maturity, level of risk being managed, and performance on Transport for NSW projects and services. Additionally, some less frequent engineering activities may only be audited on certain jobs.

The ASA may also audit AEOs based on the risk or issues related to a contracted scope of work.

The audit process

The general process of auditing an AEO's performance will be:

  • the ASA will give notice to an AEO of an intention to audit
  • the AEO will provide access to the organisation to the ASA for the audit

The audit will:

  • review documentation such as designs, design records, as-built information, test results, acceptance and handover results
  • review processes, for example, processes in change management and configuration management
  • review performance indicators including rework rates and common faults
  • undertake interviews with staff

The audit will record areas of non-conformance and provide a report to the AEO. The scope of authorisation for an AEO may be amended as a result of an audit.