What's expected of an Authorised Engineering Organisation

The Asset Standards Authority (ASA) authorises Authorised Engineering Organisations (AEOs) to provide particular engineering services to Transport for NSW. How an AEO delivers these services and the scope of work provided to Transport for NSW will be defined through a contractual arrangement with Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

What are AEOs responsible for?

Within their scope of authorisation AEOs will be responsible for:

  • providing a safety and assurance argument for their engineering work
  • coordinating the delivery of assets and services with the end user
  • managing related stakeholder activities
  • assuring their engineering work for safety and integrity

An AEO will be accountable for ensuring it has the systems, tools, capability and capacity to deliver engineering services for any contracted scope of work.

What does an AEO need to provide when applying for authorisation?

Organisations applying for authorisation will need to provide justified confidence that their systems and tools for engineering management meet the needs of TfNSW to deliver projects and services within the NSW rail network. The justified confidence is evidenced through an organisation's documentation along with evidence of deployment of its systems and tools within its engineering function.

Applicants for authorisation will need to allow the ASA to assess the capability of their organisations to deliver relevant engineering services based on:

  • engineering management
  • competency management
  • configuration management
  • quality management
  • systems engineering

AEOs will use their own systems and tools as evidence for authorisation, outlining how they would undertake, assure and manage engineering activities as well as the competence of their engineering resources.

What are the evaluation criteria for authorisation?

The evaluation criteria referred to as AEO requirements are based on defined competency and capability standards that cover an organisation's level of engineering experience, process maturity and system capability.

What guidelines must an AEO follow?

Guidelines to becoming an AEO are outlined in the governance and framework materials to which each AEO will have access

After authorisation, AEOs will be required to perform engineering works within a contractual project or service arrangement in accordance with:

  • ASA and TfNSW engineering governance frameworks
  • transport agency network guidelines
  • transport agency safety guidelines
  • engineering management processes and systems that have been mutually agreed between the ASA, TfNSW and the AEO
  • the ASA's network engineering standards
  • other discipline-specific guidelines

AEOs may also be required to follow other guidelines as stipulated within the contract for any works being completed.