How to become an Authorised Engineering Organisation

What's the process?

The authorisation process will assess the capability, competency and maturity of an organisation's engineering management function to deliver engineering services to the NSW rail network without compromising safety.

Authorisation is a three stage process:

Initial contact

The Asset Standards Authority (ASA) and the organisation will meet to understand each other and to confirm how to proceed for the next stage.

Preparation for authorisation

The organisation and the ASA will confirm the scope of authorisation, the types of evidence and the process for assessment and audit.

Assessment and audit

The organisation will undergo an assessment of its systems and tools for initial authorisation, and ongoing surveillance audits once authorised.

Prospective AEOs will need to provide justified confidence through documented evidence of their ability to manage the risk associated with their defined scope of authorisation. This evidence should cover the systems and tools for:

  • engineering management
  • competency management of engineering resources
  • configuration management
  • quality management
  • systems engineering

Once an organisation is authorised it will need to participate in surveillance audits to demonstrate how it deploys its capability on projects and services, as well as to ensure that the AEO's engineering management continues to grow in maturity, capability and capacity.

The diagram shows the process for becoming an AEO. The ASA will work closely with industry to assist in meeting the authorisation requirements.

Authorisation process and related documents


For more information on becoming an AEO contact the AEO authorisation team at