Authorised Engineering Organisation responsibilities and activities

The responsibilities of an Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) can include any authorised engineering activities over the life of the asset including:

  • concept, feasibility and total asset planning
  • design and design review
  • construction, installation, fabrication and manufacturing
  • systems engineering and systems integration
  • inspecting, testing and commissioning
  • maintenance
  • modification
  • decommission, demolition and disposal

An AEO must take actions to provide assurance for the safety and integrity of any engineering services provided.

AEOs are responsible for ensuring that their systems and tools are tailored to the context of any contracted scope of works including:

  • requirements management
  • configuration management
  • change control
  • design control (including reviews)
  • risk management
  • quality and safety assurance

Depending on the contracted scope of work, an AEO may carry out some or all of the following tasks:

  • assessing project complexity to determine the most suitable engineering approach
  • developing a project management approach for a specific project
  • managing design and design risk
  • managing design reviews to ensure the design meets requirements
  • ensuring the design is accepted by the receiving organisation
  • building and reviewing the design according to specifications, standards and requirements
  • ensuring the built product or asset is accepted
  • managing the handover and acceptance of the project to operations
  • operating and maintaining the asset when the project is complete