ASA Standards

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The Asset Standards Authority (ASA) is responsible for setting network standards for nominated NSW transport assets. The ASA is the primary source of knowledge, expertise and support for standards governing NSW rail assets and metropolitan rail transport projects.

For information about standards please email or download the ASA Charter (pdf 598KB) for functions and definitions.

Managing standards

The ASA is responsible for managing the content and integrity of the standards, making them available in multiple formats for AEOs and other interested parties.

The suite of network standards for which the ASA is responsible includes ASA published standards and RailCorp engineering standards adopted without amendment.

The ASA is also taking on responsibility for updating and reviewing standards. Adopting international best practice, the ASA will set standards through the implementation of a process to promote collaboration between the ASA and other sectors of the rail industry.

Standards will also undergo periodic review to ensure they are effective and incorporate best practice. To make accessing standards easier, the ASA is investigating the production of  standards in a format compatible with mobile technologies.

What is a network standard?

Everything on the NSW transport network, including track, trains, stations, platforms, bridges and tunnels have been built according to a set of engineering standards. These standards are constantly evolving to include new practices and technology, and the NSW transport network evolves along with the standards.

Network standards reflect this evolution. They also specify the physical characteristics of assets, how they are meant to perform and function, as well as the requirements for integration into the network, interoperability and how they are to be maintained and modernised.

Network standards also outline how new and altered transport assets need to be designed to meet the requirements of the Transport for NSW operating environment.

Which standards apply?

The ASA owns all network engineering standards previously published by RailCorp. These standards will remain in effect after 1 July 2013, unless specifically changed by the Asset Standards Authority (ASA). In this case the previous version would be superseded by the new ASA standard.

All new asset projects will need to comply with the relevant standards. Where a new standard needs to be applied to an existing asset, work should take place to align the asset to the new standard.

RailCorp engineering standards contain references to organisational processes and positions that are no longer valid in the current Transport for NSW organisational context. However,the technical requirements in those standards are still valid for the Transport for NSW rail environment.  An overview of how the organisational processes and positions referenced in RailCorp engineering standards is available in the Guide to interpretation of organisational role and process references in RailCorp standards Link to external site, however where ambiguities exist, standard users should seek clarification from the relevant contract administrator.

Drawings included within Railcorp engineering standards sub-sections are a snap shot as at mid 2013. Before using or making reference to any of these drawings the user is required to validate the drawing(s) via the Virtual Plan Room (VPR) managed by Sydney Trains.

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