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The Asset Standards Authority (ASA) is an independent unit established within Transport for NSW, and is the network design and standards authority for NSW transport assets. The ASA is responsible for developing engineering governance and frameworks to support industry delivery in assurance of design, safety, integrity, construction and commissioning of transport assets for the whole asset life cycle.

The ASA is also responsible for providing the standards for NSW transport assets, which industry organisations can use to deliver projects and manage assets in a more, innovative, safe and efficient manner.

The ASA is governed by a Charter (pdf 598KB), updated August 2015, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the ASA. Clause 16 of the ASA Charter allows 'decisions and instructions of the ASA will be reviewable in accordance with an externally published review process.' (8SA-PR-003 Procedure for Internal Review of ASA Decisions (pdf 214KB) & 8SA-PR-049 Procedure for External Review of ASA Decisions (pdf 160KB)).

lf you have any questions, or would like to discuss any aspect of our operations or remit, please don't hesitate to contact us c/o ASAEvents@transport.nsw.gov.au

A new system of engineering governance

The ASA is responsible for developing and maintaining engineering governance frameworks that reflect a whole of asset lifecycle approach and covers all key stakeholders including Transport for NSW, industry and the operator / maintainers of the NSW transport assets.

These governance frameworks and processes outline that engineering services performed on NSW transport assets must be:

  • to an approved standard
  • within a robust safety change framework
  • delivered by an Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) which must provide assurance for any engineering service provided

A number of frameworks and processes will support the ASA authorisation of Engineering Organisations which have demonstrable processes and procedures in place to assure the design, safety and integrity of NSW transport assets.

AEOs can provide a wide variety of services for NSW transport assets, and it is anticipated organisations that deliver engineering services will become AEOs.

Purpose – the functions of the Asset Standards Authority

The ASA has many functions and responsibilities within the field of engineering services. The ASA will:

  • establish a framework for standards development, publication, review, feedback and management that promotes stakeholder involvement
  • simplify existing standards and processes
  • create new, appropriate standards to ensure comprehensive coverage, enabling improved performance and understanding across the industry
  • periodically review and update existing standards
  • actively engage and collaborate with the industry to seek better ways to manage delivery of standards

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