Authorised Engineering Organisations

What is an Authorised Engineering Organisation?

The Authorised Engineering Organisations (AEOs) program supports the participation of the private sector to add more value and innovation to the Transport network by outsourcing of the engineering assurance function to the supply chain. To date, all major design consultancies and construction companies have been successfully granted AEO status.

Authorisation will be provided to an organisation based on the types of engineering services it performs according to engineering disciplines and asset life cycle stages.

The scope of authorisation will be based on engineering disciplines as they are employed within the various stages of the asset life cycle – from concept and feasibility, through design, construction, testing, commissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning to disposal.

The AEO authorisation does not encompass approval for an organisation to deliver specific scopes of work. An AEO is required to compete for work through the Transport for NSW procurement process.

The AEO Framework 

The AEO Framework is a hierarchical set of documented system components that together provide TfNSW with a sufficient level of assurance that outsourced engineering services are being delivered by capable and competent organisations.

                  AEO Framework triangle web version-01.jpg

TfNSW authorisation 

TfNSW authorisation is conducted by assessing and rating the maturity of an organisations own systems and their deployment against the AEO requirements. These are divided amongst the 11 Engineering Management Capability Areas (EMCA), representing the core capabilities necessary to enable an organisation to effectively deliver asset lifecycle services. The authorisation process seeks to understand how an organisation business model delivers them and how it continues to conform to them through their engagements with TfNSW. The EMCA are:

                EMCA Chart final (4).jpg

The underpinning philosophy of the approach to authorisation is for the organisation to provide justified confidence, through documented argument, that its own capability meets the AEO Requirements. Although it is expected that there will be some tailoring to TfNSW needs, organisations are not expected, or encouraged, to develop bespoke systems for TfNSW. Tailoring should be limited to providing context around the organisations own systems and processes for Australia and NSW.

For more information about the AEO Model, contact the ASA Authorisation & Audit team.

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