Authorised Engineering Organisations

What is an Authorised Engineering Organisation? 

The Asset Standards Authority is changing the way engineering services are delivered for the NSW rail network. The ASA is fostering best practice and the growth of engineering capability and capacity within industry through the authorisation of organisations to effectively provide engineering services on the NSW rail network. The ASA expects that this will enhance knowledge transfer across industries and provide organisations with greater flexibility to deliver assets without compromising safety.

Organisations which provide engineering services for the NSW rail network or use standards under the Asset Standards Authority control should consider seeking authorisation as an Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO).

The Authorised Engineering Organisations (AEOs) program is intended to improve the ability of the public and private sector to collaboratively deliver and maintain NSW rail network assets faster, cheaper, better and safely.

Authorisation will be provided to an organisation based on the types of engineering services it performs according to engineering disciplines and asset life cycle stages. This will be agreed jointly as a 'scope of authorisation' between the ASA and the AEO during the authorisation process.

The scope of authorisation will be based on engineering disciplines as they are employed within the various stages of the asset life cycle from concept and feasibility, through design, construction, testing, commissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning to disposal.

AEOs may be authorised in one or more engineering discipline areas across one or more stages of the asset life cycle.

An AEO is required to compete for work through the Transport for NSW procurement process. Non-authorised organisations are still able to provide engineering services for TfNSW; however, these engineering services need to be assured by an AEO.

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